doggone_bowties_courtenayMy love of bow ties all started with the tuxedo business in 1983. When I started I was immediately introduced to bow ties as there were few long ties to speak of (way) back then. The look was classic and timeless. A satin black bow tie or a white pique bow tie, was the regal look.

When sales commissions began to depend on my bow tie tying skills to make that sale, enough said….Done! To this day, I love teaching people of all ages. Men, women, girls and boys how to tie a hand tie bow tie. Now happily helping customers at American Tuxedo Memphis, I sometimes have people spending up to two and a half hours trying to tie one(bless their hearts).

Most folks catch on to the tricky bow tying task about the fifth or sixth time. Bow ties have a fun factor, they make for a great introduction and conversation – not-to-mention add wardrobe flair too!

I’ve had bow ties requested in loud neon, muted absence of color and wild patterns. I try to incorporate flamboyant styles, stately designs- and everything in between. I make them all.

Weddings request them for groomsmen’s gifts, even Fido loves a Doggone Bow Tie for the canine friendly wedding.

Neckties I re-purpose, become legacy bow ties turning personal favorites, family or vintage items and novelty pieces into heirlooms. Tie lovers bring me their own special, stained, thread bare, sentimental neckties to rescue so they can continue to keep those doggone memories alive.

My love continues to grow for these Doggone Bow Ties. That blessed sewing machine I was opposed to almost a decade ago has brought pile of smiles to customers.

Thanks for listening, y’all.

– Courtenay