399px-Alton_brown_2011Hey gang! It’s the latest installment of Doggone Bow Tie Icons starring Alton Brown. Apologies for the delayed update schedule, We’ve been doggone busy with bow tie business. Bow ties don’t make themselves after all!

Let me get back to the doggone point, this Bow Tie Icon is to say the least, iconic. Mr. Brown has culinarily captivated TV audiences for over 20 years with shows like Good Eats, Feasting on Asphalt, and Cutthroat Kitchen. His quirky style more often than not, accentuated by a bow tie. In true Alton fashion he shows off a portion of his bow tie collection and waxes on bow tie tying technique(say that tens time fast).

For you foodies out there, you can follow Alton on his personal blog, website, the Food Network and through his podcasts.


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