Bowtie or Bow Ties?
I really doggone love bowties, or is it bow ties? According to my spell check – it is indeed “bow tie”.

Bow Ties For Everyone and Every Occasion!
Now that we have that out of the way. About me, I am a Memphis bow tie maker. I have made bow ties for family, friends, friends of friends, and friend of family’s friends all over the Mid-South. I have made bow ties. Boy, have I made bow ties?! I have made them for proms and formals, bow ties for weddings, bow ties for balls and galas, graduation bow ties, commitment bow ties, bow ties for boys and men, bow ties for girls and women. I have even made bow ties for funerals.

Let’s Face It – Bow Ties Are Cool!
They really are, and I have made some very cool bow ties. Some have been recycled from neckties, Dad’s old necktie, Grandad’s old necktie, a husband’s old necktie. Some from scratch and bow tie patterns. Some machine stitched. Some hand-stitched. Some of my bow ties are staid and conservative, some hippy-fied, some colorful, big, small, and just about every bow tie style you can imagine.

No matter what style of bow tie is yours, or if you like them all – bow ties are cool.

Bow Ties By My Own Hands
All of my bow ties are lovingly hand made. By my little ole me. Every little bow tie stitch of them.

Stand Out In The Crowd
Set yourself apart from the crowd get yourself a special bow tie. Bow tie wearers tend to make an immpression. They just seem to get remembered don’t they? That dapper family member, that cooky friend, that college professor, or someone else from your life that made a bow tie memory.

Get yourself a Doggone Bow Tie! Wear a bow tie, see and feel the difference. I doggone dare ya!

– Courtenay

Custom Bow Tie Service
Turn your favorite necktie into a beautiful doggone bow tie. Supply your own fabric. Commission a doggone masterpiece! Contact us for details.
Bow Ties for Memphis Prom!
Bow ties for Memphis Prom Season! We have the largest selection and inventory of custom bow ties in Tennessee. Visit us at American Tuxedo Poplar Avenue.
Where To Get A Doggone Bow Tie
Looking for high-quality bowties in the Memphis area? Look no further. Follow the link above to find a local retailer.

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